Action Alert: Support our top state legislative priority, funding for clean-water crops [CLOSED]

FMR's top two priorities for the 2022 legislative session are each included in the wide-ranging agriculture omnibus packages that the Minnesota state House and Senate will vote on soon.

Funding for Forever Green and Continuous Living Cover (CLC) value chain development grants are bipartisan measures that make important investments in Minnesota agriculture and public health. Each will benefit our farmers, rural economic development, our environment and quality of life — the kind of win-win we can all support.

Please take a moment to send a quick message in support of these bills.

Forever Green Initiative Research & Design: This provision allocates much-needed funding for the University of Minnesota's Forever Green crop research and development initiative. This nation-leading research helps bring next-generation cropping systems like Kernza and winter camelina from the lab to the field.

When fully funded, the Forever Green Initiative will make Minnesota a leader in developing more sustainable, profitable and diverse cropping systems that improve water quality, soil health, habitat and climate resilience, while boosting rural economic development and farm prosperity.

Continuous Living Cover value chain development grants: This provision will accelerate the development of Continuous Living Cover crop enterprises by strategically investing in companies poised for commercial breakthroughs. This funding will deliver significant public benefits to Minnesotans and further solidify Minnesota as a national and international leader in 21st-century agricultural innovation.

Public investment will spur further innovation and private investment, creating new economic and community development opportunities for our state while also protecting soil, water, biodiversity and climate.

Take Action

Please take a moment to send a message urging your state representative and senator to back these important measures during deliberations over the House & Senate Omnibus Agriculture bills.

(Photo above by Dodd Demas for FMR)

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